High altar

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Maria Działo


The high altar was built probably in the first quarter of the 18th century. In the main area of the altar there was originally a painting of Saint Catherine by Franciszek Lekszycki. The altar was significantly changed in the 19th century, including changed columns, which were originally supported by statues of angels. During this renovation, father Michał Wawrzynowski, the parish priest at that time, also decided to conserve the painting of Saint Catherine. This task was commissioned to Władysław Rossowski in 1892, who, due to the poor condition of the work - made a copy of it. Currently, the image of Saint Cathrine by Władysław Rossowski is a curtain for the Crucifixion Group, consisting of gilded baroque statues of Jesus on the cross, Mary and Saint John the Evangelist. The second curtain of the altar is the image of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in the vision of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. The third and newest curtain is a painting of Pope John Paul II by Igor Twardochleb (Twierdokchlib) – a Ukrainian painter from Niedzica. In the finial there is a picture of Saint James the Greater. The tabernacle is new, it dates back to 1982.

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