Baby Jesus (Koletańskie)

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Paulina Kluz


The statue of Baby Jesus comes from the 17th century. It was formerly kept at the monastery of the Franciscan Tertiary Sisters (known as the Koletki Sisters) in Stradom, Cracow. After the order was dissolved in 1823, two last sisters were moved to the Bernardine Sisters monastery in Cracow. This way, the miracle-working statue of Baby Jesus was placed at the St. Joseph church. Christ is depicted as Salvator Mundi, hence in a seated (enthroned) position, with a royal orb in his hand. Similar statuettes of Baby Jesus, dressed in robes made of fabric, can be found at other nunneries, for example at the Norbertine Sisters, Carmelite Nuns and Poor Clares in Cracow or Benedictine Sisters in Staniątka.

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