Baptism of Christ

Detailed dimensions
Height without frame – 260 cm
Width without frame – 180 cm
Catalogue note author
Józef Skrabski


Karol Dankwart of Sweden is one of the most active specialists in the field of large-scale wall paintings in the churches of Silesia. The technique of fresco painting in peculiar conditions – on a high scaffolding, required incredible mastery of the technique and speed of execution of subsequent parts as well precision. It enabled a painter to use the sketching technique, to resign from meticulous reproduction of details in favor of the general mood, and to emphasise on the most important elements of the composition. These features are visible in an oil painting. The painter treated this work like any of his frescoes, recreating characters sketchily, filling in outlined parts, using whitening typical of frescoes, strong chiaroscuro and contrasts, e.g. between the figures of Jesus and John, separating from the "heavenly" background.

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